Speaker, Developer Advocate at Couchbase and organizer of the Developer Relations Meetup in Munich, he started programming even before the college and never stopped coding since then. He is Java & NoSQL specialist, open-source contributor and an enthusiast of Microservices & DevOps.

Currently Denis is writting a book about data persistency, working on a few side projects and trying to read as many books as he can.


Graduated in Information Systems at Faculdade de Tecnologia Termomecânica (São Paulo – Brazil), Electronic Technician at ETE Presidente Vargas (São Paulo – Brazil) and has been working with software development since 2003.

During his career, he worked in many segments, such as: Peer-to-Peer, E-learning, Telecom, Social Networks, and SEO. However, he always wanted to be "the performance guy" and that is why he got specialized in data persistency and microservices.

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Open Source & Community


  • Spring Session Couchbase
    Spring Session Couchbase provides a solution for Spring Session in a Couchbase data store.

  • LiquiCouch
    LiquiCouch is a Java framework which helps you to manage changes in your Couchbase and synchronize them with your application. The concept is very similar to other db migration tools such as Liquibase or Flyway but without using XML/JSON/YML files.

  • Flypeer
    Flypeer framework for transaction model in digital ecosystems. The framework tries to provide a fully distributed environment, which executes different type of order service compositions. The proposed framework is considered at the deployment level of SOA, rather than the realisation level, and is targeted to business transactions between collaborating SMEs as it respects the loose-coupling of the underlying services.

  • Java NoSQL Persistency (Comming soon)




Where I have been to

Here is an incomplete list of the tech events I had the opportunity to speak.


  • Goto Oslo | talk recorded due to COVID19
  • QCon London | 91% approval rate, 0 downvotes
  • Bucharest JUG
  • Cloud Native Night Munich
  • DevRel Munich Meetup
  • Goto Copenhagen Meetup


  • Voxxed Days Luxembourg
  • Devoxx France
  • Azure Bootcamp

  • CNCF Milan

  • QCon London

  • Developer Relations Munich

  • OpenRheim

  • GrillOps Poland

  • Java Days Odessa

  • Devops Space Gdansk

  • Dev Fest Bucharest

  • OSDN Conf Kiev

  • Devoxx Marroco

  • GOTO Copenhagen

  • Couchbase Berlin Meetup


  • Devoxx UK
  • Open Slava
  • ViennaDB

  • Couchbase London Meetup

  • Couchbase Manchester Meetup

  • Couchbase Dublin Meetup

  • OOP Konferenz

  • Lightweight Java User Group Munchen

  • ThoughtWorks Berlin Meetup

  • ThoughtWorks Munich Meetup

  • Dublin Microservices

  • Azure Bootcamp

  • Couchbase Berlin Meetup

  • AWS Dublin Meetup

  • CNCF Switzerland Meetup

  • DevTalks Finland


  • Couchbase London

  • Open Munich


  • The Developer Conference São Paulo


Event's Gallery

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